May’s Brexit promises checklist

An issue with politicians is that they seek to shift goal posts gradually. We all remember Tony Blair trying to avoid humiliation by changing his Iraq words from ‘WMD’ to ‘WMD programs’, and thinking the populace would not notice the upcoming admission of failure.

Brxiteers have of course noticed the slow drip of wording change by May, Hammond , Gove, Rudd and others and seen the inevitable capitulation transpire.

It is often repeated by Remainers that the populace didn’t know what they were voting for when they ticked ‘leave’, and ipso facto that “they didn’t vote for <insert some guess words here presented as a fact>”. Grumpy did indeed vote in the 1975 referendum, and (for youngsters) the this was not about the EU – that didn’t exist then. It was about the ‘common market’, which was generally felt to be a good notion, but of course the Heath government had already joined the European Economic Community, so it was about whether to stay rather than join. The government of the day, however, deliberately sought to obscure the political integration goals, which were in fact well known to them, since it was a goal by European politicians from about 1946.

The fact is the citizens of the UK never ever voted to join what is now a political institution, the EU, and it was foisted on them; they probably would not have done so had they known what was to come. The obfuscation continued serially (Remember Keith Vaz and the “Beano” Lisbon Treaty ? – Brexiteers need no lessons from Remainers about lies and misrepresentations.)

However, the populace eventually got a comprehensive statement of the current politicians view of what Brexit would mean (other then being ‘Brexit’) when Theresa may set this out in detail in the Lancaster House speech. Grumpy has extracted a few snippets, as shown below, so to as to keep a track of how she does with this benchmark by the end of March. Grumpy harbours hopes, but fears there will not be many ticks in the right hand column cone exit day.