Re-moaner Gauke still moaning

David Gauke, ejected from the Conservative Party because of his repeated failure to accept the 2016 referendum and the policies of his party, is STILL whining about Brexit.

This time it’s delays at the Port of Dover, which he attributes to Brexit because of border checks.

He tweeted “If we were in the EU, the French would not need to do individual passport checks. If no individual passport checks, the process at Dover would be quicker. The Dover queues are, therefore, partly caused by Brexit. Not a contentious point, surely?”

He must be referring to a different Europe to the one Grumpy was a frequent visitor to since the the UK’s joining the EU. Whether at Gare du Nord using the Eurostar, by sea or at airports, Grumpy never once entered any European country via the UK without his passport being checked at the border. The fact is that as the UK never joined the Schengen scheme, passports were always necessary. This is the case today.

Gauke is clearly as ignorant of EU travel requirements as he is disloyal to the party that sponsored him as an MP. In case he reads this, he can check to get his facts right here

… where all is explained. Even if we were still in the EU passports would still be required, as per the official website “When travelling to or from a non-Schengen country you must show a valid ID or passport.