International Rabbit Hole Day

5 year olds answer the question “what is a woman?”

Rachel Reeve, the labour Shadow Chancellor, recently penned an article for International Women’s Day in The Guardian newspaper, titled “It took decades to achieve progress for women – why has it stalled?”.

One answer to that question is that her own labour party is unable to define what a woman actually is, and hence the confusion is who should be seeing progress. Should it include a human with a beard and a penis ? Well certain labour party front benchers wouldn’t rule that out, as they have failed to provide an answer, which the 5 year olds above could easily do.

Yvette Cooper is demonstrably smart; a first in PPE at Balliol, Harvard and the LSE, and although she has never done a job outside of the political metaverse, she has held some fairly senior positions.

However, when the question – “What is a woman? ” – was posed to her, she declined to answer on the basis that to do so would be going down a “rabbit hole”. It is simply astonishing that a person of her intellect, representing a party which seeks to govern the country , is either unable or unwilling to answer the question. Does she really not know ?

The reality is that the vast majority of political discourse is no longer about the core issues for the populace. Donald Trump was elected as 45th President of the USA without, arguably, ever putting forward any concrete policy directions.

Rather the process has become to identify issues – generally nothing to do at all with key matters a government is in power to manage – but which the voters of one party or the other has some leanings to, and can be amplified into a ‘boo’ dog whistle. Trump drove this to an extreme (and now adopted by the Republican Party) in using ‘masks’ , ‘climate change’ and other topics. Mask wearers acting responsibly towards their fellow men in a pandemic were transformed into the radical left, whereas ‘freedom’ loving people who wouldn’t take mandates from a ‘despot’ and ‘tyrant’ (yes, both words were levelled at Biden) were convinced to see masks as an instrument of oppression.

This descent into lunatic politics is now entrenched in the USA; watch or an interview with a Trump supporter at a rally, and remind yourself that these people actually get a vote.

The reason for mentioning this is that in the UK it is clear that everything LGBTQJKA+ (whatever) is now taking that role here. The left is woke, and they can point a finger at the racist, slave loving, homophobic, misogynistic, money grubbing elite on the Boris benches. Worse, as Grumpy has noted several times in this blog, it is part of a movement to eliminate due process; you can now be hounded and cancelled for a unilateral accusation that some word was beyond the pale, which but a short while ago would have been seen as unremarkable.

This needs to be challenged.