Brexit rants

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From now until E-Day (31st October) this page will contain various rants offering a chronicle of the (doubtless) bumpy road to freedom from EU domination.

It is worthwhile summarising the realities of the current state; There are only, it would logically appear, three possible outcomes, namely (1) the UK leaves without a deal on 31.10.19 (2) Parliament revokes Article 50, or (3) May’s Withdrawal Agreement is brought back for a vote and passes.

However, various politicians have posited that there are other choices; this is nonsense. So what about the EU dropping the backstop ? They (the EU) have repeatedly stated it will not happen. What about Grieve / Corbyn / Lib Dems negotiating something acceptable? Again , the EU have said they won’t change a line of the Agreement and the ERG would block some wishy washy compromise even if they did.

So, for those that advocate a second referendum, their motivation has to be questioned, as does the rationale for such a move. This referendum might offer any or all of the following choices (1) leave with no deal (2) revoke Article 50 and stay in the EU (3) accept May’s agreement, or (4) accept some new agreement. However, based on the preceding paragraph, (3) and (4) cannot be delivered, and indeed no new agreement could in any event be determined prior to 31.10.19. So fundamentally, it’s leave or stay.

Grieve and the Lib Dems might propose pushing back the exit date again by an extension, but to what end? Either the current stasis is perpetuated, or that extension is used to run the second referendum, with the outcomes as above.

This argument is simply about whether the democratic referendum should be honoured, or not. BoJo believes it should be, and Grieve / Swinson think it should not. If the outcome is the latter, it will be damaging for both the public’s perception of parliament (if indeed it is still capable of being damaged) and democracy in this country.