Execution first, trial afterwards; the #MeToo baying mob

Once again, the lunatic harridan fringe of #MeToo has sought to undermine a basic foundation of due process in England. This was because Jeremy Corbyn had failed to take action against a male MP who had been accused of wife beating. Notice the word ‘accused’ – an allegation, as yet unproved by due process.

However, the hysterical Labour harpies screamed  “The allegations against the man are horrific. There is no way he should be an MP and the party cannot just sit on its hands and do nothing.”  In old movies, the Wild West state of law in those days was characterised with the cliche “we’ll give him a fair trial, and then we”ll  hang him”, but these female tyrants have updated this to “we’ll hang him, and then investigate to see if he was guilty”

Sitting in the middle of this pack of hyenas was the odious and despicable hypocrite,   Harriet Harman. She is a lawyer by training, but in matters concerned with ‘Womyn’ (sic) she is happy to put the edict from the Digest of Justinian – “Proof lies on him who asserts, not on him who denies” – to one side.

It’s too tedious to list the full panoply of Harman’s hypocrisies,  including her abandonment of the concept of due process for males, her disgraceful action on FOI requests (especially as she was fraudulently pocketing tax payers money), repeated law breaking at the wheel of a motor vehicle, and dishonesty or incompetence with expenses. Grumpy can only  earnestly hope that any vestige of influence she may have on British life is eroded or extinguished as soon as possible.

The Philippines Rodrigo Duterte has received  global opprobrium for sanctioning the extra-judicial execution at the hands of  the police and the community where they suspect an individual might have had involvement with drugs. Grumpy sees Harman in the same light; those accused or suspected of any impropriety against women loose their livelihoods and reputations at the hands of an ugly, baying mob,  made worse by the acquiescence of   males in authority too cowed  and too terrified to ensure basic justice.