DUP extracts US style cash for votes agreement from desperate May

In the USA, it’s called ‘Pork Barrel Politics’, where  (normally) state politicians extract local benefits in exchange for for voting support, and to ingratiate themselves with their electorates. For many decades this practise this has been perceived as being characteristic of the immorality of politics, bordering on corruption.

Although this has always existed in the UK to some extent (particularly in the devolved areas) taxpayers are picking up a  £1 billion bill to keep May in a job, and the government in power, which surely brings this to some historic high here.

Grumpy feels that the likelihood of Mrs May surviving 2 years as small, so it seems a high price to pay out of his pension.


{pic:  https://www.slideshare.net/PhilosophicalInvestigations/why-is-congress-criticised-so-often}