Barry Gardiner insults Lord Jones on ‘Daily Politics’

On the Daily Politics show on 20.06.2017,  overseen by Jo Coburn, the insufferably pompous Barry Gardiner insulted Digby Jones twice during a discussion on Brexit approaches. Lord Jones admirably kept his demeanour, whereas lesser men would have reacted more precipitously in reply.

Gardiner’s assault on Lord Jones opinions was, as sadly has become the norm in these times, directed at the man and not the ball. This admittedly is a common tactic now used by both major political parties; the veracity of the argument is not of consequence. He first asserted that the noble Lord was on the “periphery” of events (implying therefore that his opinions had no weight, and by implication that his presence on the program was that of a token, but long outdated, ‘name’) and secondly that he had had no involvement with business for “20 years”, further implying that his qualification to be a spokesperson for industry and commerce (to which Lord Jones comments were directed) was zero.

Coming from Barry Strachan Gardiner this was astoundingly arrogant, as  Grumpy can see no obvious record of him ever having any material role in industry, and certainly not in any capacity even tenuously connected to the generation of value to the GDP or anybody else. Tellingly, therefore, he did not answer Lord Jones primary assertion – or in reality, to all but a Corbinista the fact – that governments have no money. The largesse that they dispense is provided almost in its entirety by taxpayers, both individual and corporate, and hence, as Digby Jones pointed out  to the irritation of Gardiner, industry surely had a qualification for expressing opinions on the direction for Brexit.

So full points to Digby Jones for maturity, professionalism and calmness.