Alistair Campbell’s brass neck

Alistair Campbell’s brass neck

Alistair Campbell recently appeared at the Leveson Inquiry into press behaviour, having been called to comment on the integrity of the industry. One can only assume this is rather like car manufacturers using ex car thieves to test security measures on vehicles, but it still grates.

Almost every aspect of his responses would merit an entry here, but just as a taster, this retired uber spin meister for Blair uttered the words which must sure qualify him for this months entry

” …┬áThe question is whether they allow their zeal for the campaign to infect their commitment to accuracy …”

Do Iraq dossiers come to mind here ?

It amazes Grumpy that Mr Campbell always communicates with such conviction (whereas his ex-boss was always transparently uttering the words without bothering to show any real belief), but the word ‘slimey’ always comes to Grumpy’s mind when watching him.