Tourist piffle

Grumpy has written before about the European Tourism Association (a British entity in spite of its name) at and their unsupportable Brexit paranoia projections.

They continue by now suggesting that post Brexit entry to (say) France would take 90 seconds per person longer than currently, and they extrapolate this to say that if there was just one customs officer at entry, it would take 5 hours extra to clear an aircraft landing 189 people.

It would be unusual for there to be just one officer on duty in most European countries for such an arrival, and normally the staff present vary with the expected plane schedules, so their example is (as before) scare-mongering by taking such an extreme example.

Lets assume that it takes 30 seconds to deal with an EU Citizen, then the total check time implied is 2 minutes per person. As a frequent traveller, Grumpy’s experience is that it has rarely taken 2 minutes or more in most countries he has travelled to to be cleared (with the possible exception of the USA, with all the fingerprinting and photographing, but that is not in prospect yet in Europe), so the Association’s projections rank with their previous doom-mongering.

Of course, if visas are involved, there would be extra time, but there is no suggestion that the EU intends to introduce these for Britons.

Of course Brussels may send out some edict to hold up Brits just to punish us, but holidaymakers will vote with their feet and go to Turkey, or Israel or wherever, where they will no doubt be sure to whisk these bearers of imported money through their borders quickly.