UK should play tit for tat with Barnier

This is the  first of a series of ‘tit for tat’ posts  in which Grumpy plans to highlight how threats from EU bureaucrats seeking to influence the outcome of Brexit negotiations, can be turned round to be ‘foot shooting’ on their part.  So here is one to start.

(UK) Officials have insisted that it was not the government’s intention for UK drivers to need IDPs in Europe, but in an EU notice issued last month, the European commission said: “A driving licence issued by the United Kingdom will no longer be recognised by the member states.”

Fine. There are about 2.9m EU nationals in the UK, and (tit for tat!!) they had better start applying for a UK driving licence if they don’t have one; right now they can use a licence from another EU member, but if the EU ceases to recognise a UK licence, two can play. There are about 900,000 uk nationals living permanently in the EU, so that’s 2 million more of their own get hit than UK citizens. To quote from “Startrek IV : the Voyage Home”  in Spock’s words ‘ a double dumb ass on you’.

Visitors driving on either side will both need to get IDP’s ; fine. However the EU’s move is both pointless and spiteful, and David Davis needs to take a leaf from the Trump book here and play rough.

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