The May Tests

Is the end in sight ?

Theresa May has been receiving pressure because of her failure to implement Brexit properly . People should wait and judge her against her own words from Lancaster House; if she delivers an agreement which meets her own  stated criteria, it will be a success, and she can take a bow. We’ll see – tick or cross these off when the final deal is announced.

” take back control of our laws and bring an end to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice in Britain.”  (This is a yes or no – it’s done or not)

“empowering the UK as an open, trading nation to strike the best trade deals around the world” (This means we are not in some form of customs union)

“protecting the common resources of our islands” (We can determine our own fishing policy and exclude the French if we so choose)

“What I am proposing cannot mean membership of the Single Market” (This is a yes or no)

“free to establish our own tariff schedules at the World Trade Organisation” (A simple test here)

“not mean that we will seek some form of unlimited transitional status, in which we find ourselves stuck forever in some kind of permanent political purgatory” (This means any backstop has to be time limited)

“want us to have reached an agreement about our future partnership by the time the two-year Article Fifty process has concluded” (Make a mark on your calendar)