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Ill informed Thunberg

Greta Thunberg is a Swedish student, and sometime mouthpiece for the Extinction Rebellion movement (“XR”). She has been in London this week (April 20th 2019), and making speeches to a motley crew of politicians, celebrities and others who see hanging on to her coat-tails as a way to increase their public visibility quota, and get ‘green’ pixie points to boot.

XR has, as one of its three stated goals, a target of having the UK zero net carbon by 2025, of which more later, in a second instalment on this group of fantasists.. First, however, consider Greta’s credentials for holding forth on the topic, especially considering the short time in her life she has had to master the myriad of multi-disciplinary complexities – technical, financial and political – of managing climate change.

In a speech in Hyde Park (where nearby XR followers were idly disrupting the capital’s operation), Greta stated nothing is being done to stop an ecological crisis despite all the beautiful words and promises”, and “politicians and the people in power have gotten away with not doing anything.Well, look at that damning assertion of complete inaction on carbon reduction, and check it against facts on the ground.

The UK has the two largest offshore wind farms in the world. 9,702 turbines have been installed to date. The UK is the world’s 4th largest generator of wind based renewable power , with around 20 Gw capacity. In November 2018, renewable power in total exceeded that produced by fossil fuels for the first time, a total of 42 Gw., and which now accounts for 30% of total demand. (All of which comes at a cost to the poor consumer, BTW, through ‘green’ levies).

Read these statistics again; by what rational interpretation can this achievement be described as “nothing” ? Greta Thunberg is either clearly ignorant of the facts of the topic on which she pontificates, or she sets out to wilfully misrepresent the current position. Given the Department of Culture, Media and Sport’s (DCMS) focus on ‘fake news’ and misleading data, young Ms Thunberg should be one of their primary targets for naming and shaming, which is how DCMS tends to spend its time.

Sadly, one side effect of this “child as a role model” trend is that it corrupts other children from having a balanced view of a subject which is undoubtedly going to have a hugely significant effect upon their lives. Look at the picture at the head this article and one sees two small children – who can have no real understanding of the issues – parroting this inaccurate propaganda; being used as newsworthy pawns for albeit a valid cause – which incidentally is now in danger of being hijacked by the far left and the ‘back to ox carts’ brigade.