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TV play rejected as “too fantastic”

Writer : “I’ve got a script for a new play which combines, political intrigue, sex¬† and threats to world stability – it’s a real corker”

Producer : “Ok, run it past me…”

Writer : “Well, there is this sexy heroine called Kim K with an incredibly enormous butt who in spite of having no discernible talents except physical assets, teams up with son in law of POTUS¬† to revise prison reform in the country even though neither have been elected or have any political experience.”

Producer : Hmmmm… go on

Writer : “Well, POTUS is under investigation for colluding with a foreign power, and being sued by a porn star who alleged that he slept with her whilst his wife was pregnant. He also has threatened nuclear Armageddon on another country, and, oh yes, appointed his daughter into various positions.

Producer : You’re going to tell me there’s more …

Writer : This is just the tip of it. The FBI (who illegally spied in him) and the Department of Justice are corrupt, and he appointed a climate change denier to be in charge of environmental protection, and …

Producer : Whoooaah ! I know it’s fiction, but there has to be some level of credibility in the underlying story. This is way too over the top, sorry, no rational viewer would take it seriously. Sorry, no go.