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Slimy remain MP’s

Rory Steward, a vociferous remainer Tory MP,  is about as ‘establishment’ as it’s possible to imagine. Eton, Balliol, tutor to Prince William, and a diplomat before becoming a politician. It seems grossly unfair of Grumpy to pick on him to make a general point about May supporters, but it was hard to resist the headgear in the photograph.

Grumpy has always been confused where the representational aspects of  an MP’s job specification is concerned. Who do they represent ?

The answer is, of course, whoever it is that suits them to define  in some particular circumstance. They have plenty of choices; “I represent my constituents” / “I have to vote with my conscience” / “It’s incumbent on me to follow the policy of my party” / “MP’s should vote in the National Interest”.  This is just one of the many aspects of MP’s that give them their slippery, slimy aura.

So it is with the key upcoming Brexit  vote on Mrs May’s total capitulation to the EU mandarins. Suddenly MP’s who have in the past declared their immutable attachment for the first three have suddenly had a conversion to consider the populace as a whole.

Regardless of the merits (or otherwise) of the May agreement,  the good Rory and other remainer MP’s are now urging their fellows that accepting the plan unconditionally  is in the ‘National Interest’. ‘No deal’ is  deemed worse than ANY deal. “It’s been agreed” / “It’s too late now to do anything else” seems to be the mantra. Everyone now realises this was a  stitch up by Olly Robbins and his cohorts, managed by May to offer a fait accompli to powerless and spineless parliamentarians.

Grumpy’s take, whatever his views on the agreement per se, is that his innate reaction to ‘take it or leave it deals’ is to leave it. Time has proven it’s always the better way.

May will no doubt discover soon whether 318 MP’s share her view on what is in the National Interest.