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Project Fear insanity and May’s gross failure

Project fear, driven directly by the government, has now reached a scarcely believable pitch.

A “Whitehall source” told the Sunday Times “the only thing that could be compared to a no-deal Brexit would be a major Europe-wide war” . Whether this source was credible or not, it’s staggering that the government and the ‘remainer’ Civil Service should let such stories appear in the press. They do so because it is their policy to deliberately create simply unprecedented levels of public concern around Brexit.

In WWI, military deaths in the European theatre were around 9 million. In WWII, which was the deadliest conflict in human history, direct and consequential deaths globally were estimated to be perhaps 10 times that figure. However, just in the European theatre, military deaths were at least 10m.

It is stunning, simply beyond belief, that any government of the day would conflate whatever might happen at Brexit with a conflict such as these European wide wars, and it is grossly irresponsible of this government to not correct such pronouncements from its own executive. However, the thought of troops on the street, rioters being shot against walls, and Irish civil war (having roped Irish Taoiseach Varadkar in as a useful idiot to suggest British troops on the border) actually suits this Conservative government.

How have we come to this as a country ?? Rather like accepting Trump as the new normal, we have to remind ourselves that this woman, May, has failed and vacillated at every turn. She had abandoned the referendum’s perspective of Brexit before the ink was dry on her Lancaster House Speech, and has spent the months since, hiding and can-kicking. This ineffectual, unimaginative and paralysed politician should reflect on the fact that she has, by the admission of her own executive, brought this country to a state equivalent to the worst catastrophes ever to befall the continent.