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May’s desperate volte face

May appeared on the Andrew Marr show on 06.01.19, and said that following the pulling of the vote on her Brexit deal, she had ‘changes’ to announce, which she believed MP’s would accept when it was re-introduced w/c 21/01. The changes included just one item relating to the EU, which was that the EU had agreed further assurances (of which no details were available) on the Backstop.

However, it was clear than she was banking on her undertaking to give ‘a greater role for Parliament in negotiations on the next stage of future UK-EU relations’ as the sweetener to persuade the rebels to vote in favour.

Is this newly inclusive Theresa May the one who in the same interview essentially said it was her deal or no deal? The same Mrs May who at Chequers presented to blind-sided Cabinet members a fait accompli and stated they should agree or resign and walk home? The same Mrs May who side-lined two Brexit secretaries and delegated the most important Executive project for 50 years to an unaccountable civil servant, Olly Robbins?

Is it the same Theresa May who gave undertakings in the Conservative Manifesto and the Lancaster House speech which have not been fulfilled at all by her proposed deal ? And who has abandoned the multiple statements along the way about the freedom under Chequers to do trades round the world unfettered by EU restrictions?

Her seeming way forward is one last desperate attempt to strong-arm the party into voting for her deal on a few meaningless assurances (assuming such are forthcoming) and the threat of ‘My Way’ or the no deal highway?

Whatever happens, she has clearly failed in every goal she has set, has demonstrated duplicity, lack of integrity, and worst of all a total lack of political skill at this level. MP’s should cut her loose now, so she cannot be involved with any subsequent negotiations.