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Kier’s odd appointment

Grumpy was surprised at the appointment by Kier Starmer of David Lammy as the Shadow Secretary of State for Justice. Lammy’s ‘paper’ CV is fine (but not exceptional) but surely many will be questioning the wisdom of this decision.

Given the sensitive nature of the role, one would assume that the job specification calls for someone who is balanced in outlook, not divisive, cautious in public utterances, and capable of instilling confidence of their neutral and considered approach in the majority of the populace. These characteristics are surely crucial in maintaining respect of the law in the eyes of the bulk of citizens.

Grumpy does not need to list the many controversial pronouncements Lammy has made over the years – they are well documented. Suffice it to say that they indicate a person whose inherent characteristics would not meet the criteria listed above.

What, for example, is Mr Lammy’s view of the Supreme Court of the UK? 10 white, middle aged men and two women; 10 went to Oxbridge and two to other prestigous universities. They appear to represent the very antithesis of of his presumed views on the mechanisms for the discharge of justice. Will he be seeking change here ?

Will he control his tendency to promulgate unproven rumours and conspiracy theories (such a as police cover up of Grenfell deaths), but continue to avoid scrutiny by (borrowing from Donald Trump) substantiating them only by quoting dubious hearsay ?

Grumpy suspects that Starmer may well have cause to regret this choice as a result of the inevitable distractions his new Secretary’s utterings will surely bring.