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Jeremy Hunt sets precedent

Jeremy Hunt has just created a precedent he may in time come to regret.

The BBC reported that he believed that Boris Johnson should “answer questions on everything” including details of a private argument between Johnson and his paramour, Carrie Symonds, which took place in June 2019, rather than ‘ducking very important questions”. This view was shared by numerous ‘stop Boris’ fanatics (mainly remoaners), not willing to accept the valid process which may propel him to Number 10.

The rationale for being exposed to interrogation about entirely private matters is that it goes to ‘character’, with the implication that anyone who has argued with their partner is somehow unfit to lead the country. Such a qualification would probably have removed most leaders in most countries and replaced them with either a domestic tyrant or feeble sycophant.

I suspect that Mr Hunt falls into the latter class, but there are much more serious questions on his previous track record that go to character than having spat with the other half.

He broke the law in 2018 because of not meeting filing rules at Companies House; like all politicians, he shrugged this off as an error / oversight / administrative slip etc. This is from a man who controls a £110 billion budget – let’s hope he takes more care with that. He has bragged multiple times about his business expertise, but that obviously doesn’t cover matters that a plumber has to comply with or get fined. Is he incompetent or cavalier?

As Health Secretary in 2015, he unilaterally imposed a contract on Junior doctors because pay negotiations with them had failed. Note, he is a failed negotiator. He also lied (which he admitted) about the monetary impact of this agreement on the doctors. So he not only is an admitted liar (back to character again) he is a failed negotiator. Yet he has been touting his (obviously flawed) business credentials as proof that only he will be able to renegotiate a deal with the EU. Not only would you not want him crossing swords with Barnier on behalf of the UK, it shows another flaw in his character – self delusion.

However, what Hunt may come to regret, if those baying to make prying into an MP’s private life a prerequisite qualification for office is the creation of a dangerous precedent. The very next time someone aspiring to office suffers some private matter inadvertently coming into public view, then dogs on either side should feel free to voyeuristically demand every salacious detail and brand them as unfit for office if they don’t comply.

So let’s start here; Jeremy Hunt – have you ever had a loud argument with your wife where subsequently regretted exchanges were made? Yes or No?