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Oh no! Cyberflash !

Two women complained to British Airways recently (Huff Post 16.11.2018) because they were ‘cyberflashed’  and received unsolicited ‘D*ck pictures’ on their mobiles via AirDrop.

The obvious (and most devastating response) for the recipient should have been to stand up and say loudly, whilst holding the phone up, “Who sent this ?? Call that a d*ck,  mini- cock ??”. Instant deflation.

That aside, they should not have had their phones switched on in an aircraft, so their disregard to follow rules is apparent.

However, the real question is why they had Airdrop security set to receive any messages ? How dumb is that ? If women want to whinge in this way they should at least take the very basic privacy precautions that any rational person – male or female – would with their devices and data. They probably have a sticker on their phones with their bank PIN on.