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EU needs a history lesson

The BBC reported that EU diplomats ‘demanded’ that the UK should adopt a ‘one state two systems’ approach with Northern Ireland – keeping the province in the customs union while the rest of the UK quits it.  They said this would copy what happened in Hong Kong – which Margaret Thatcher agreed would be handed back to China on condition it kept its own institutions and laws.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-41901294

Setting aside the bizarre notion of the EU having any right to ‘demand’ how the UK treats its territories, they clearly need a history lesson.

Hong Kong and its hinterland were never part of the UK, China being invaded by the UK in a war asserting its ‘right’ to be a state heroin dealer.   In spite of the ‘holier than thou’ position on most topics adopted by the British establishment, the UK was undoubtedly the largest state sponsored and supported drug dealer in history, causing  misery to millions  whilst generating wealth for the British aristocracy.

To the point : Although as part of the spoils of war Hong Kong island was ceded in perpetuity to the UK, the hinterland – the new territories – were not, and were leased for 99 years from China. When the lease expired,  Chinese sovereignty had to be reinstated and as retaining the island as an entity without the hinterland was not viable, the UK  was forced to abandon the  agreement extracted by force and withdrew. Mrs Thatcher was in no position not to agree to its return, and was lucky to extract any concession from the Chinese at all. Whatever, she was probably overjoyed to be rid of the pompous and odious Chris Patten, Governor at the time.

Attempting to conflate this situation with Northern Ireland is pathetic, desperate and ignorant, and should be dismissed without discussion by David Davies.