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EU vacuum test

The picture shows the Nace HD14 Vacuum Cleaner, which Grumpy rather likes. It is sold by Walmart in the US, and presumably after the UK is free of the bonds of the EU, might conceivably be available in its UK subsidiary, ASDA.

Importantly, the (hypothetical) situation provides a key test for the post Brexit structures. If the UK decided that it was happy to have this imported (and why not?) and a  ‘Customs Partnership’ applies. what would stop Grumpy from taking this over to the his holiday cottage in in Ballylickey, Eire, since there is no border ?

The issue here is that the HD14 has a 1000 watt motor, which is banned under EU legislation, so how is this anomaly to  be resolved ?

The test for Brexit is whether we take back control of (amongst other things) our Laws and Borders. If the UK decided to allow 1000 watt cleaners, how could this possibly work? It’s clearly, to quote the Mogg, a  ‘cretinous’ concept.

This could only be resolved by aligning UK standards with EU standards, over which parliament would have no control – and this doesn’t seem to pass the test. The likelihood is, however,  that Theresa May has left this minor detail out of  her rhetoric, and hopes to slide it in under the radar.

So, citizens, whatever comes out of the tedious discussions, the simple check to apply is whether they would be free to buy a product which didn’t comply with EU rules – the vacuum cleaner test. So far, it fails.