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Guilty by assumption

One law for males, another for females

From the writings of Justinian onwards the notion of an accused being innocent until proven guilty has been the bedrock of democratic civilisations. The situation relating to the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court in the US, in which he has been accused of sexual impropriety many years ago in his student days, seems to have spurred the #MeToo Harridans into ever more dangerous and irrational demands. Amazingly, CNN reported that a  poll found that “eight in ten Americans say that victims of sexual harassment should be given the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise”. This would be a reversal of the norms of justice which have stood for centuries.

Given the increasing list in Grumpy’s files of males who have been the victims of miscarriages of justice at the hands of females in the last 12 months alone (examples being Liam Allan, Isaac Itiary, and Conor Fitzgerald) this seems to widen the scope for injustice, given that police incompetence seems to bias cases against the accused from the outset. In the latter case of Fitzgerald, his accuser (who of course remained anonymous) deliberately set out to frame him, texting to a friend “I’m going to ruin his life, LOL” as punishment for breaking off a relationship. The plod even missed this clue (unbelievable!), so further help by an assumption  of guilt would seem to weigh the odds too far.

Grumpy feels that the time honoured approach of innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt is essential for a civilised society.