Miliband on banker’s bonii

Here’s Ed Miliband on 31st january 2012

“if you are paid a bonus it’s for exceptional circumstances”

Ok, let’s look at the Civil Service (100% controlled by the government, not just 82% as with RBS) under Labour’s rule.

In 2008/9, civil servants were paid ¬£130m in bonii. The department which received greatest proportion of this largesse was the Ministry of Defence, which is a byword for incompetence and waste. So were the recipients one or two shining lights delivering outstanding and ‘exceptional’ excellence in an otherwise dark morass of sub-standard performance ? No, the largesse was distributed broadly; ¬†just civil servants taking advantage of Gordon Brown’s money shower on the public sector and displaying the same feral greed labour accuse the bankers of.

This just underlines the two-faced and opportunistic approach by Miliband, who was part of the bonus benefits expansion during Labour years.