Kate Green and Top Totty

Dateline 12th February 2012:

Kate Green, card carrying lefty MP with the depressing title of Minister of State for Equalities, objected to a beer in the House of Commons bar called ‘Top Totty’ on the grounds that the pump label featured a woman in a bikini with rabbit ears, a la Playboy. Apparently she considered this offensive to women. Of course, if she wanted to be offended by scantily clad women she probably only need visit the centre of her own constituency on any Saturday night to see women, scantily clad of their own volition to titillate men, probably drunk and vomiting – or worse – in the street.

It’s actually quite hard to envisage many – or indeed with the exception of said Ms Green, any –  MP’s being either perverted or seriously offended by a beer pump label, but if she wants a target, she might look to the National Gallery in London, which features galleries of women in a whole range of stages of undress.

Grumpy was visting one of his favourite sections containing paintings by Poussin and Claude, when a gaggle (if that be the collective noun) of pre-pubscent school girls appeared with their teacher. There are many bare bosoms on display with no bikinis in this section, but one painting in particular is of note, “Landscape with satyr uncovering sleeping nymph”. The accompanying description indicates that the nymph is unaware that the ogling beast has disrobed her because she is not so much sleeping but absorbed in her activity.  Looking at her left hand, this seems to be what the Victorians might have called pleasuring herself.  The 12 years old girls didn’t seem to be troubled by this and there was no evidence of snickering or giggling, and they were obviously made of far sterner stuff than Ms Green.

This is maybe because this is art (which used to be the FHM of the aristocracy) and hence unlikely to be found offensive by the intelligentsia, unlike the beer label which is seemingly likely to corrupt the lower orders, such as Kate Green’s fellow GMB members and left wing MPs.

For this act of mind-blowingly narrow minded, statist intervention, this equality harridan (who actually looks quite normal) gets this slot. I’d be happier if Labour MP’s  had focused more on the financial obscenities they perpetrated whilst in office.