Governments are the biggest purveyor of Fake News

Grumpy gasped as he read the missive from the thought police who now figure in the Government, and their hapless leader, T May.

When he looks back to the lies told by Governments ranging from outright porkies (U2 incident, Windscale, first (non) UK H bomb etc., through to the endless stream of disingenuous, planned to deceive, spin from Blair, Cameron and now May, he is dumbstruck.

“We are living in an era of fake news and competing narratives,“said Mrs May’s spokesperson.

Governments are way the largest source of fake news, as defined by themselves.

Narratives are competitive because some objective fact is presented in multiple ways – just listen to any Prime Ministers Question Time for proof. (“We are putting more money than ever into the health Service – fact” (May) or “Funds in the NHS have been reduced in real terms – fact” (Corbyn). So will May’s apparatchiks be deleting Corbyn’s Blog ?

The same side-kick also  stated that they would be creating a “dedicated national security communications unit” would be charged with “combating disinformation by state actors and others”.

Students take note – you are young, and you are being dragged  into  a security state  without realising it, of which the Stasi (check it out) would have been immensely proud to have constructed. Get TOR and PGP, scrap Facebook  and keep off the grid.

Footnote: The only glimmer of hope  is that like most politicians in power, May has to respond to events, normally in an ill-considered, knee jerk way. They have to ‘Do Something” to avoid attack by the opposition and opprobrium by the masses.

Fortunately, most of it never turns into reality, when either they realise it won’t work, it’s too expensive or the public focus has moved on. Immigration in the tens of thousands ? £350m a week for the NHS ? , a 7 day GP service  ? (Grumpy can wait 3-4 weeks for an appointment) less than 4 hours in A and E?

All headlines , the illusion of a plan, and all fail.