Donald in a parallel universe

CNN reports (11.11.17) that Putin told him that  “he didn’t meddle” in the election, and that he “believes him”.

Hmmm  … let’s see. The US intelligence agencies tell POTUS of overwhelming evidence that Russia interfered with the presidential election. Trump declares this as fake, and yet believes the leader of the foreign power accused of so doing.

Let’s connect with the real world, a Euclidian space which eludes the Donald, who resides in a parallel universe,

The police catch a burglar as he runs from  your house with a bag of your prized possessions. They tell you that they caught him red handed. You declare this as fake, and for verification you ask the burglar if he did it. He denies it, and you believe him over your own law enforcement agencies.

Clearly with this president, satire is dead.