Burnham, Cooper and Liz somebody don’t understand ‘leadership’

Dateline July 2015: Welfare Bill and labour ‘leadership’ contest

Andy Burnham announced that he was abstaining from the vote on the Conservative Welfare Bill, and then stated that the party was ‘crying out for leadership’.  However, in abdicating responsibility, he demonstrated that by failing to declare his position on such an important issue he had absolutely none of  that commodity.

It was left to Jeremy Corbyn to at least go into a lobby (predictable) instead of hiding, and Harriet Harman to set  the right direction to  avoid the obvious trap set by  George O to evidence that she at least sought to prevent labour from showing they were hell bent on obscurity for the next 10 years or so.

Although it is wholly irrational and unfair, I can’t see Yvette C/B without the word ‘prissy’ coming to mind. It’s totally irrational because she has a first from Balliol, and a masters from LSE, as well as having studied at Harvard, so she is seriously s-m-a-r- t,  which would normally be enough to have me grovelling in admiration at her intellect.

I am more impressed by her colleague in the ‘sisterhood’, Rachel Reeves, who on paper is just as smart, and was a chess champion. She also irritates the crap out of me which surely qualifies her as an ideal labour leadership candidate, unlike Yvette, who is about as inspiring as lift music.

If Jeremy wins, they only have themselves to blame. DC / GO must be chuckling.